Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Food & Death Row

My annoying question of late has been "If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?" This started after I read the article "Artists Capture Death Row Convicts' Final Feasts" in Wired Magazine last year.

Some people who lack imagination (and shall remain nameless) respond with comments like, 'well, do you have have to choose from things in the cafeteria?' or "I don't think they can make my grandmother's green beans?"

This is not ACTUALLY a real question. Just as one's presence on cell block 'dead in 12 hours' is hypothetical (hopefully), so is the question. Open your mind to the possibilities...Food is one of the most fantastic tethers we have to our earthy, animal selves. The need to eat is basic and instinctual, but hopefully, WHAT we eat it not- it can be heavenly.

Some chose the components of the 'the greatest meal they ever had' - like the appetizer 'from that business dinner they didn't pay for at Per Se.' Most people, on the other hand, chose foods that were actually little slices of their favorite parts of life. Choices like "my grandmother's fried chicken" or "a hot dog from that certain vendor at Wrigley field" would offer a last chance to savor a moment in time, as well as a familiar flavor.

My current choice ****please note this is an ever evolving list

1 bottle of good champagne (not picky on brand - just very good please)
1 chocolate milkshake with two shots of Maker's Mark
A double fried egg sandwich on an onion roll with muenster cheese
Corn beef hash - nothing fancy, straight from the diner please
Root Vegetables from Peter's on Bedford Ave.
My mother's Frank's Red Hot Cheese dip with french bread

If the chair doesn't get me, then this meal most certainly will!