Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bloody Excellence of the Green Apple Kind

In front of me at my new desk sits a huge apothecary jar full of Tootsie Pops. If typing at my computer, this jar is about 2 feet higher than eyelevel and one foot to my right. There...all the time.

Whether or not I am hungry, this jar floats in the corner of my eye, full of the lesser liked flavors of 'red' and 'purple.' I won't describe them as cherry and grape because this is not a true flavor description. Red and purple are certainly more accurate descriptions to taste.

But at the bottom of the jar sits the real object of my desire, the Green Apple Tootsie Pop.
Did you know these exist? Obviously, it is green apple candy with chocolate tootsie roll inside.

I finally answered the siren's call the other day, around 3 PM.

Seven minutes later, I contently threw away my chewed stick, then lamented the bloody/green apple taste on my tongue. I had forgotten the payment for enjoying a Tootsie Roll pop were the candy-cased gashes on the roof of my mouth. Aside from that, it was delicious.

Try it, like it!