Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fudge & Go Seek

Since it was a rainy Sunday, the gang of beach foods and I decided to stay in and play hide & go seek. I, of course, was 'it.' Caramel Corn was obviously in the pink heart-shaped mixing bowl (like usual) and Pecan Log was easily discovered under the brown sugar, but Marshmallow Fudge was being tricky! We looked in the Bluebird candy dish...we looked in the box of Honey Nut Cheerios, all to no avail.

"FUDGE. MASHMALLOW FUDGE!" I yelled until my voice cracked. "HEAVENLY HASH. WHERE ARE YOU?" Maybe he would answer to his official menu title. Nothing. I was getting nervous. At what point did I have to call Dolle's and tell them? How do you tell someone that their Fudge has disappeared?

After searching for 2! hours, and with my blood sugar hitting a dangerous low point, Pecan Log finally found Fudge. Fudge had climbed into his original bag and fallen asleep. He got SUCH an attitude when opening the bag woke him up.

Ugh. I am never playing that game with Candy again.

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