Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mint Julep vs. Mint Julep

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Classic Southern Mint Julep

4 cups bourbon 2 bunches fresh spearmint
1 cup distilled water*
1 cup granulated sugar
Powdered sugar

The ultimate Mint Julep recipe. Invoking horse racing, gentility, great hats and subtly lingering racism, the Mint Julep is a classic American cocktail. Best served outdoors and in a cold, pewter goblet, the Mint Julep is tasty and clean-it mixes two of my favorite things, Kentucky bourbon and hoop skirts.

Shockingly enough, my corner deli was out of distilled water and fresh spearmint, so I had these instead. Mint Juleps’s by Necco. Chewy taffy a’la Laffy Taffy but with a mild, sweet minty flavor and no jokes (bummer).

Mint Juleps are a classic from the Squirrel Candy Company, formerly called "Southies" and are now made by Necco. While I prefer their banana flavored sister candy, Banana Splits, Mint Juleps are pretty fantastic - I put on my hoop skirt, pop one in my mouth, and take a shot of bourbon. I swear it is almost the same, and no subtly lingering racism to deal with.

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