Monday, March 29, 2010

Idiot Tarts

Idiot Tarts
Not good with crusts, not good. Let’s not discuss the pumpkin pie crust of last Thanksgiving, which left one chewing for hours. A good crust takes timing and delicacy and I have only a bit of each. The more you work with it, the tougher it is and I have problems with situations that don’t allow me to make any mistakes. So chewy…

So what can I make for my sister’s barbecue in fifteen minutes, that is crustless of course

Idiot Cakes Take:
1 Tube Slice and Bake Sugar Cookies
1 Tub Whipped Cream Frosting
Fresh Fruit

To be completely honest, I burned the first batch of cookies. But the second were great! Just wait for the cookies to cool. Then frost the cooled cookies and top with fresh cut fruit. Anything would good as long as it is fresh. The (pictured) deli bought strawberries were superb-o.
Good combos: blueberry & strawberry, strawberry & kiwi, banana & coconut, pineapple & strawberry, cantaloupe & blackberry

Just think of all the frosting flavor/fruit combo possibilities…fresh whipped cream, maybe?


  1. that looks so good Anna! I will definitely be trying this out for the summer. Thanks Miss lady!-Keli

  2. Hurray! Thanks for commenting Keli! It is really tasty and something you could make with your son.