Friday, September 10, 2010


Once a year, farm animals, odd horse and buggy races, 30 year olds in Rascals, a broke down midway and, most importantly, various fried food stalls descended upon the near Northside of Indianapolis- just blocks from my childhood home. For a solid 10 days my world was covered in humid, Indiana-in-August, FRIED FOOD air. Each year features yet another unthinkable deep fried food. Thanks to Brandon Conovitz for this Midwestern special report.

Oh Yes. Come on in...

An Indiana State Fair Classic and a father favorite... THE PORK TENT.
Two of my favorites : Lemon Shake-Ups and foods with faces on them. Seriously, look at his hands.
State Fair Salt Water Taffy. Several THOUSANDS of miles from any sort of salt water. And hundreds from any major body of water. Indianapolis is the largest city in North America on a non-navigable body of water. Bank it for Trivial Pursuit. I regret not being able to take my picture as Twinkie the Kid.
My mom actually had one of these. A burger in a doughnut. Sorry Mom. I had to tell.
I can't believe I didn't know I wanted a Pig in a Pancake. Oh wait. That is just a corn dog...LAME.
I appreciate your honesty Round Boys Concession.

Thanks Brandon ! I won't tell anyone about that Rascal you rented.


  1. How do they deep fry butter? Doesn't it just melt instantly?

  2. hey candy anna---- no mention of the always present, and amazingly relevant, argument between elephant ears and funnel cakes.
    Love, an elephant ear fan

  3. Yes! Red Barn elephant ears are not to be missed!!!

  4. I agree. Elephant Ears are VASTLY superior to the pedestrian Funnel Cake...not that I don't like to be a pedestrian sometimes.