Friday, July 22, 2011

Emotional Candyanna And The Spit Transit


So my second cousin once removed (thanks Jeff) introduced me to this fantastic little online machine called the BAND NAME MAKER (link here too : ) If CandyAnna were to be a band, the below options are my best choices- as decided by the huge brains behind the website's patent pending, high tech algorithm!!!

Please...let me know your thoughts. This is serious business.

  • Aerial Candyanna
  • Candyanna Radiation
  • Candyanna Until Butterfly
  • Candyanna Of Greased
  • Emotional Candyanna And The Spit Transit
  • Candyanna Profanity
  • Candyanna Crawl
  • Viking Candyanna And The Every Mood
  • Anti Candyanna And The Illicit Condition
  • Candyanna Mosquito
Totally torn between:

Emotional CandyAnna and the Spit Transit
(that sounds like my blog is on its period and sharing a lollipop and a train ride with another blog)


Anti CandyAnna and the Illicit Condition
(I have fallen into a period of sugar loathing and am either pregnant with Sugar Babies or Diabetic, depending on how dark you want to go).

Oooooooh this is SO rock and roll.

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