Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Iowa City Road Trip Preview : A Green River (Secret Ingredient: Hair Tonic)

When my schedule opened opened up, my appetite came roaring back in to fill my time and imagination. Everyone should quit their job and gain five lbs!!!! With housing to find and future employers to meet, my mom and I hit I-74 with a mission but a decided lack of haste and an iphone to find the best roadside treats. While I seriously heart Pilot (79 cent Diet Cokes and briefcases sold in the same location), the Subway that shares its space was not going to cut it- especially after this little exchange when we drove from New York to Indianapolis a few days prior.

Julia (Mom) : "Have you ever noticed that sometimes those Subways at the gas station smell like vomit?"

Anna (Me): "No...not really. I guess they do have a funny smell."

(Literally, twenty-five minutes later- same car, same people)

Julia (Mom): "Are you hungry? Where should we grab lunch? There is a Subway at the Pilot off the next exit..."

Anna (Me): "Absolutely not."

So that was that, and Subway/Pilots are now banned for life. Pilot/Wendy's might still be okay...not sure- will check with Julia (Mom). Anywho....just a little preview of my Green River at one of the country's oldest running soda fountains...

I have it on very good authority that the secret ingredient is hair tonic and I have been promised by said authority that it will make my hair curly. I am waiting....

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