Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fette Sau: It's a Beautiful Day for Delicious Meats & Moonshine

“Today is a perfect day for delicious meats and moonshine!” my text message declared. The day was gorgeous... Fette Sau Fette Sau Fette Sau Fette Sau Yesssssss...

It is no secret that this place is supposed to be amazing. I just wanted to take a little time to say that it is. I love you Fette Sau. I love you.

Delicious Meats:

1/4 Chicken
1/4 Lb of brisket
1/4 lb of pulled pork
1 House made Sausage

Moonshine: sadly wasn’t on the menu

Flight of Whiskey: New School - I drank way to much New School to recall which delicious whiskeys were a part of it. But I do remember that the rye was the best.

“Queens” cocktail - some sort of margarita tasting concoction of tequila and citrus. Ask for it on the rocks.

Amazing. All of it. Great day. Great picnic table. Perfect time - go at four if you are going on a Sat.

- pulled pork
-Jenna & Ryan’s ribs that I wish were mine
-Cole Slaw

Lows: there were none but some things were better than others
- Brisket was deliciously fatty but was the least popular on the plate. Too rich with the pulled pork, I think.
- Buns...maybe? Were dull but actually were perfect for making sliders.

I am really searching for lows here, guys. This is my absolute favorite summer Bbq place in
Brooklyn that begins with “F” - in the bald category (30 Rock ref here)

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