Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fudgemallow Treat!


I don't care for this picture at all but I loved the treat. For my roomate's birthday I also went with an alternative to the cupcake. Perfect for a chocolate lover with an enthusiastic sweet tooth. The Fudgemallow Cup is a great example of riding that fine line between soooo good and way tooooo much. It delightfully stayed on the soooo good side.

Fudgemallow Treat

Dark Chocolate Fudge Chunk Cookie Mix
***I have never used a cookie mix before, ironically deeming a cookie mix "too lazy.' I would use it again, especially for a chocolate cookie. The mix had pretty large dark chocolate chunks that were very good.
Chopped up semi-sweet chocolate
***To semi-sweet the chocolate mix as I always worry mixes won't be chocolate-y enough
Butter instead of Oil
***HIGHLY recommended. The cookies were extremely moist and fudgy.
***The cookies won't really spread much in the oven so don't use this as a guage for cookies done-ness.
Water and Egg as directed.

I baked the cookies and they were amazing.

Place two cooled cookies upside down in the microwave, only one will have the marshmallows but heat up the other cookie so it is warm and the chocolate chunks are melty. Then place two jumbo marshmallows on one of the cookies, turn on the microwave until they are about to pop and fall over. Quickly open the microwave and plop the other cookie on top. TA DA! Pour milk immediately.

Enjoy. Your tummy and dentist will thank you. Follow up with intense flossing so your dentist will thank you less.
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