Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cooking Channel: Food Network's Hip Cool Friend

You know...that food channel that wears a Jack Spade bag and Ray Bans. Or whatever. A couple of months ago this "Cooking Channel" thing just showed up on our tv right underneath the Food Network. The Cooking Channel is what the Food Network looks like on Sunday eating brunch and hanging out.

You will adore the wide array of cooking shows with bad ass chefs who like to "listen to music" and "hang out with their foodie friends" on their off days and have a cooking show to do their own thing. There is a mixology show called Drink Up and Food Jammers is show about 3 dudes from Toronto who build meals like science projects.

Thus far, the Cooking Channel smartly channeling this urban food renaissance going on right now, and it is doing so wearing thick framed glasses (really it is. Mo Rocca has a show). And they have Iron Chef Japan, thank god.

Okay, you got me Cooking Channel. But, I must admit I would rather learn to cook from the one and only Hip Hop Chef Chardon.

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