Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long Island Eggs Wrapped = Another Lazy Sunday

Sooo...another summer weekend, another lazy Sunday. This morning we decided to do things differently than usual. Eggs how? Scrambled? No. Fried? Oh no...its called "overhard," and it is delicious.

Long Island Eggs Wrapped

1 Whole Wheat Tortilla
2 Eggs Over Hard = Long Island Eggs
5 Small Slices of Hot Pepper Jack Cheese - melted on the tortilla underneath the egg
3 Slices of Turkey Bacon - thin and crispy- sprinkle with pepper while frying

Long Island Eggs: Cook the eggs in the Bacon Pan please

***Please note that these eggs have no official affiliation with Long Island itself. They were simply made by a Long Islander.

Dash of Olive Oil w/ a pinch of chopped garlic and chopped onion
2 Eggs Cooked Overhard

Side Dish: Pan Fried Red Potatoes
Olive Oil and Huge Clove of Garlic
1/2 White Onion
4 Small Red Potatoes Sliced and then cut in half
Tons and Tons Of Greek Spice to taste

Warm the tortilla and melt the cheese, then eggs and bacon and WRAP. Serve with side potatoes and a not so great cup of coffee and a Mug Root Beer still in my fridge from last night.


  1. Anna - I love the new blog design! Very fresh and fun.

  2. Thanks Maggie!!! I think that it looks more like candy. P.S. You and Kevin need to make that baked brie.

  3. come make this for me. looks delicious and a wonderful breakfast treat!