Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fran Appler's Famous Charm City Baked Brie

I must admit I made up the Charm City part of this recipe name, in honor of my wicked crush on Chef Duff and the hometown of Fran Appler's Famous Baked Brie. Well actually, it's hometown is right outside Baltimore, where people wait eagerly at every holiday and dinner party for this dish. Last Sunday, at our weekly Mad Men-apalooza, I waited no more. Thanks to my roomate (the esteemed dish creator's daughter) I spent most of the evening hudled around brie and jam in puff pastry like a campire or religious relic. Was it delicious?...It was delicious.

Fran Appler's Famous Baked Brie

1 Wheel of Brie- in the skin? casing? the white stuff...

Fresh Jam - something tart is better. We used Raspberry Jam.

Puff Pastry in sheets

1.Roll out the sheet of puff pastry and cut lengthwise in three pieces

2. Place the wheel of brie in the center of on third

3. Spoon jam on the top of the brie- about 1/2 inch thick

4. Cut the other two thirds diagonally to make 4 triangles.

5. Tuck the wide ends of the triangles under the brie and wrap the the puff pastry pieces over the top. Make sure that the puff pastry is sealed. That is key! Puff pastry everywhere.

***please note that I got a C in geometry and am unable to describe shapes and spaces, so please feel free to email me and I will send you a pic of the puff pastry set up deal.

6. Cook at 400 degrees for about 30 mins on a baking pan. When the puff pastry is a solid golden brown then remove from the oven. You just have to watch it.

Oh my god. You are going to die. Seriously. Enjoy. Be prepared to want to eat an entire wheel of brie. At once and with glee.

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