Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cajun Encounters is Not An Ad on Craigs List : New Orleans & Southern Candymakers

If you call to make an reservation to see some bayou wildlife, and a man named Rene wants to meet you at a rest stop next to Lake Pontchartrain, you have called the wrong phone #. Trust me. Dodged that bullet. Image by Mark Laita.

Actually Cajun Encounters was a fantastic non-air boat tour of the Honey Island Swamp, led by a tour guide chock full of eco-knowledge and tall tales. His tales included-
1. raising an alligator in his backyard as part of a conservation project
2. the reason babies don't get eat in Louisiana by gators, but do in Florida
3. finding his old Cajun grandfather dead while fishing in a swamp (just like he had always predicted he would die)
4. The correct manner to harvest the interior of antique upholstery.
5. forcing his friendship on his neighbor Brad Pitt in the French Quarter.
How much was true? All of it - or so I prefer to believe. It is more fun that way.

We saw some of these.

And then- one of these which threw my friend in convulsions. A dragonfly. Spooky scary, I know.

Then back to the French Quarter to Southern Candymakers where we saw some of these:

And the country's best pralines - so says Southern Living Magazine. I can't vouch. Pralines have just not ever been my favorite. But the candy sure was lovely...

More tales for the New Orleans. Thanks blog- I have also been wanting to tell that Cajun Encounters joke for weeks!

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