Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am Back and Still Eating Breakfast Sandwiches

This time a Southern one. I have been gone for awhile, I know but I am back and I brought you this. It's a Southern Fried Egg Sandwich with Bacon.

1. Biscuit

2. Bacon Bacon Bacon

3. Two Eggs Overhard

4. American Cheese - nothing fancy, please

5. Biscuit

Served by our lovely waitress with tightly cropped hair, multiple face piercings, and a genteel Southern drawl. 3 in the morning, a huge Diet Coke, and side o' these.


  1. anna----that looks soooo good!!!! at least that is what I know Julia would say if Julia were here---I'm pretty sure that is what she would say. wouldn't you say that if you were Julia?

  2. All of you are correct. DELISH! This biscuits were hearty enough not to fall apart when eating the sandwich

  3. And if I were Julia I would also say that "looks soooooo good"!!!

  4. Enjoyed your creations in your blog!
    Will come back for more.

  5. Thanks so much for finding me CandyAnna. Please come back for more!!!