Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tales from a Greasefire

***Due to me just not having my camera around this is just a re-enactment. The role of my pictures will be played by randos from the internet.

It was Sunday night and the Mad Men season finale started promptly at 10. Things were moving along swimmingly, Jenna & Ryan had just put the two Shepard's Pies into the

(one lamb and one ground beef)

hot hot oven set at 450 and my sharp cheddar buttermilk buiscuits were right on schedule to join them. I had just dumped in the baking soda when we noticed that the room had gotten a little smoky.

"Geez, the smoke alarm is going to go off"

We waved towels below the smoke alarm and opened the kitchen window

"Is it supposed to be smoking so much? What is that? "
"It's the shepard's pie. It is dripping oil."

I looked back from the window and dark gray smoke was pouring out of the oven. We continued waving our towels and dancing around, blind from the smoke burning out eyes. No, no - it is just a little oil- it will be FINE.

"Is that fire, like actual fire??"

"Yeah. It is just the oil it will be...OH god. Wow, that is pretty bad."

"Just put a some water on it" said Ryan. in unison.

"NOOOOO, the four of us screamed in unison."

"Wait...grease fire. Is it baking powder or baking soda?"

"I don't know....ooooh i don't want to use the wrong thing."

Smoke was now all over the place and the fire alarm was going on with a vengence. The teaspoon meant for salt I had in my hand with my towel fell to the floor.

***not actually our apartment. Found for free on the internet titled "Greasefire" That guy up there is not true to life either- just funny.

"OH god. Somebody call someone's mom! NOW!!"

Camille raced to the living room. Ring, Ring:

"MOM, Grease Fire - what do you do?

Then with a long drawn out pause and absolutely no sense of urgency....
"Wait, what? A greasefire? Yeah, just a some baking soda....maybe a wet towel"

The minute she said baking soda Matt threw the full contents of my newly purchased baking soda all over the bottom of the oven to save the day! We watched it sputter and die.

Thank god the Shepard's Pies were on the top rack They were delicious and with just a hint of smoky flavor. Thanks to Moms everywhere and bye bye Mad Men. I love you Moms, Shepards pie, and Mad Men.


  1. Great re-enactment! I feel as though I was there, standing alongside the three of you, teeth gritted, going "oh, no!"

    Although I would have been calling 911 & waiting for the cute firefighters to come save the day. :)


  2. While you werem't there for the greasefire, on day we will do a re-enactment called "Operation Snakebite"