Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What We Ate That Day: New Orleans

We arrived early. I arrived at 12 ish and my Chicago friend and my Hawaii friend at 2:30. I arrived hungry but determined to wait. They arrived starving and determined not to wait. We got to the hotel and then...waited. Are fourth friend was just arrived so we then became determined to wait. Our Denver friend arrived. Hurray!

We struck out into the quarter and stopped at the first place that looked delicious. Please note that a mixture of hunger, fatigue, and frozen cocktails has remove my ability to remember the names of any of these places.

We started with the above - fried green tomatoes & shrimp

Mine. I would prefer to eat this all the time.

My Chicago friend (I think) got this one. Shrimp Po'Boy with Fried Green Tomatoes.

Due to my Chicago friend's fantastic job perks we came home to this! This is the best ever, super special Marriott HAWAIIAN CHEESE PLATE! Only for super special people. Thank you Marriott!

Several hours, several frozen or brightly colored drinks, and many dance parties later we decided to eat this.

Thanks for the lovely trip friends!

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