Sunday, July 25, 2010

Delmonico's : Party of Three for Abe Froman

Okay. Just made that up. I am not the Sausage King of Chicago. My name is CandyAnna and I go to places like Delmonico's strictly during New York Restaraunt Week. Appetizer, Entree, Dessert for $35.00 at the oldest restaurant in New York.

We swept down to the financial district where Delmonico's is off the Wall Street stop. Here is where New York looks as old as I forget it is. Delmonico's sits right in the middle of a hairpin turn one should take carefully,and it fits right in. According to the Wikipedia page I read, Delmonico's is the first 'fine dining' establishment to feature a menu and wine list, and also the birthplace of dishes like Lobster Newburg, Eggs Benedict (hearsay) and Baked Alaska.

We made the reservation under Abe Froman and I wore my Belle Epoque-era fur stole (jk). Our waitor was less than pleased to be serving the riff-raff who dine out on sale, but that didn't spoil a thing. The first course was an appealing but slightly forgettable salad. My friend added on the Lobster Newburg for $10 and it was quite good and very dramatic looking. The entree was also an appealing but slightly forgettable filet mignon.

Both of the previous courses were easily overshadowed by the desert course. For an additional $5, I got the Baked Alaska. Combining heat torched merangue and ice cream, this dish was created at Delmonico's in order to join in the ridicule for Senator Seward's "Folly" in 1867 when he pushed for the US to purchase what is now Alaska from Russia. Look at all that oil, natural resources, and the ever expanding Alaskan cruise, what an idiot! It was sweet and full of banana flavor. The merangue was not too thick and it looked like a sea creature, which I enjoy.

The food was decent but the experience was better. As long as you can avoid the attached sports bar that is on the way to the bathroom can can still close your eyes and pretend you are the Abe Froman of the 1890's.

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