Thursday, July 29, 2010

Please Buy Me This Ted Nugent Cookbook for Christmas.

I would love you forever. I can't wait. See below for the Chapter List. I am particularly excited for the below recipes.
Kill It & Grill It : Ted and Shemane Nugent's Guide to Preparing & Cooking Wild Game & Fish
Introduction: Celebrate the Flesh.

1. I Kill It, I Grill It

4. Backstrap Fever (And also, what a delicious pun.)
5. Sacred Venison (my all time fave Madonna song)
7. Rock ‘n’ Roll Hogmando
9. Snowhogs
10. I Like My Pork Pissed Off

14. On the Sweeter Side…
17. Bushytail Bushwhackin’
18. Duck, Duck, Goose
19. More Delicious Birding (***isn't the correct grammer 'deliciouser'?)
20. Sexfried Fishslab (hmmm...yum. yum.)

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