Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jellio: Yes Please

While scouring the face of the earth for edible furniture, I instead found furniture that looks like edibles. Jellio believes in mixing fun and interior desing, and the kid inside me who controls the color pallette in my apartment and orders my ice cream, agrees. So I dipped into my extensive "things that just look like food" budget, and went wild like a kid at a furniture store.

My first love was GummiLights. They are actually "soft, rubbery" lights, so please excuse the bite taken out of the red one's shoulder. I didn't know.

Then I discovered the cupcake table in red. I am soooo ready to place my newest monthly copy of Redbook and Sassy on that cupcake cup. Perfect. Buying these would bring 3 steps closer to my dream of Willy Wonka grandeur.

***sadly, due to my extensive "things that look like food' budget being made up for this blog posting, I definitely do not own these. But I have added them to my Christmas list to Santa.


  1. Have you seen the gummi bear chandelier? I LOVE it and think it would look fabulous in my dining room... Just a little pricey.

  2. i LOVE that one. Sadly, the only Gummi Bears I can afford are sold by the pound...booooo