Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ikea Candy #1: Ahlgrens Bilar or "Chewy Nostalgia"

Ikea Treat #1: Algrens Bilar Chewy Candy Cars

This first Ikea treat turned out to be soo much more than candy from a Swedish furniture store. My roommate pulled this yellow bag out of his tote and I was plunged down memory lane.

Resembling tiny, open top sports cars of yore, Algrens Bilar Chewy Candy Cars come in three colors; Pepto pink, eggshell and mint green. A genious combo of circus peanut marshmallow, but chewy like a Sour Bright Crawler. They do have flavors, what these are is not really discernable, but it is sweet and slightly tart. If you eat a ridiculous amount of them in one sitting you will have a taste in your mouth that is also difficult to pinpoint. Not really unpleasant and certainly European. Also please note only 2 of 6 people liked Ahlgrens Bilar.

Because I have a lot of time on my hands, I immediately constructed a diarama of a the Bedford Auto Company parking lot and took a picture. Please enjoy...